St. Louis Rams

By Mabel Egbirika

Team Information

Country: USA

State: Missouri

City: St. Louis

Longitude & Latitude: 38 degrees North 90 degrees South

Region: Midwest

Languages Spoken: English

Interesting Facts:

* St. Louis has the gateway arch

* Roller Skates were invented in the Midwest

* The Midwest produces more corn a year than any other region

Physical Features:

* Surrounded by the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains

* The Midwest includes the Great Lakes

* The Midwest includes the Ozark River (mainly in southern Missouri)

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: A ram

Nicknames: none

How the masoct/nickname connects to the culture of the region: The Midwest is a farmland.


Team Established: 1936

Founder: Homer Marshman

Why they choose this location: They wanted to pick a place that alot could attend the games.

How the mascot connect to the history of the region: They wanted to take the mascot of the top collegiate team the Fordham Rams


Stadium: Edward Jones Dome

Why they this name: Because of the place Edward Jones Investments

Stadium's old name: Trans World Dome

The shift in naming of the stadiums: Because they get more money