Don Francisco

Mario Vazquez

Don Francisco (Mario Luis Kreutzberger)

Life span - December 28, 1940 - Still alive today

5 Most Important Events of Don's Life

1. He left Chile and traveled to New York because his father wanted him to become a tailor like himself. But Don became interested in television instead.

2. in 1962 he creates the show Sabado Gigante in Chile. But later relocates it in Miami,Florida.

3.He marries his wife Teresa Muchnik Rosenblum in 1963. And they have three children together.

4.He wrote his autobiography called, Don Francisco entre la espada y la TV. Which includes the time when he was captured by Augusto Pinochet’s soldiers in Chile and his life leading to his fame .
5.In June 2005 he created a documentary film "Testigos de Silencio." The documentary was about Holocaust survivors and one of them being his father.


"I saw Jack Paar, Art Linkletter, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson. And then I made a mixture of everything that I saw."
La Cuatro perdió peso y le presumió la noticia a Don Francisco - Sábado Gigante