POP ART Exhibition!!!

Come to the Exeter Phoenix Centre, 16th of FEB 2013!

What is POP ART?

POP ART is art that is usually, normal everyday objects and things that are brought to life through art. The artist makes a very well known object and turns it into a stunning peice of POP ART!

POP art Exhibition

Saturday, Feb. 16th 2013 at 9:45am

Gandy Street

Exeter, Devon

This day will blow your mind away, with the stunning art work of well known objects. The POP art here will be unique and stylish... not everyone's cup of tea but you will sure stop and say "look at that"

Two POP artists that are famous...are Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein!

Andy Warhol is a very famous pop artist, his most famous was the Marylin Monroe, this picture was the face of Marylin Monroe in different colours making her look unique and this type of art had never been seen before!

Roy lichtenstein was also a very famous pop artist he was most famous for his comic style pop!

He designed alot of the comic drawings in the late 1960's!

Exeter Phoenix centre details!

Enjoy our day at the greatest POP art Exhibition ever!:)
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