Technology Tips from Your Elementary School Mental Health Staff

What children do in their free time greatly impacts their lives, both now and in the future. Whether your children are fixated on TV or video games, it is likely they spend many hours a week tuned into music, movies, computer games, or TV. While their main goal is to be entertained, they are also soaking up messages that these shows and games deliver. Below is information about the effects of electronic media on children, and what you can do to lessen the negative impact.

  • Watch with them. When your child watches TV, watch too. When something you find offensive presents itself, speak up.
  • Turn it off. Limit the time your son/daughter watches TV, plays video games, etc. Read a book or play a game together instead. Find a balance between technology, movement, family time, etc.
  • Keep it out of their bedrooms. Research shows that children who have electronic media in their bedrooms spend more time tuned into it & less time working on activities that build their minds, bodies, & social skills.
  • Use the rating systems. There are helpful rating systems on all TV shows, CD’s, and video games. Be aware of the ratings and strictly limit your child to those you feel are appropriate. (NAESP Report)

From your Elementary Mental Health Staff

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February 1: Kindergarten Registration for 2023-2024 School Year Opens (Online)

February 6: School Board Meeting @ 6PM

February 8: Wear Orange for Fairness (Character Counts)

February 9: Early Release for Kindergarten-4th Grade Students - Kindergarten will release at 11:45 AM, Conferences 1:10-7:00 PM

February 16-20: NO SCHOOL

February 21: POPs (Parents of Primaries) Meeting @ 6PM in Media Center and School Board Meeting @ 6PM


The superintendent and transportation personnel will begin checking National Weather Service reports, radar and road conditions around 4:00 a.m. The superintendent and transportation personnel will consult with city snow removal crews and other school districts for updates on road conditions and safety. School closings and delays will be based upon the following:

· Current weather conditions and future forecast including temperatures and wind chill conditions

· Timing of the start and end of a storm and of other weather conditions such as fog and ice

· Ability of road crews to plow and maintain roads and apply chemicals in conditions that improve road surfaces

· Ability of district grounds staff and contracted services to remove snow in parking lots


Families should always assume schools are open and in session, unless they hear or see differently from an official source. Websites will only indicate when schools are closed or delayed; not when they remain open. If schools will be using a 2-hour late start or canceling altogether, the District will notify parents starting at approximately 5:30 a.m. on the day of the late start or cancellation. On occasion, decisions may be communicated the night before the late start or cancellation. Parents will be notified using the following tools:

Phone/Voice messages

Text messages

Email messages

District website posting

The district will notify local media outlets – WCCO, KSTP, KARE, and KMSP (Fox 9) – but cannot guarantee how or when the media will report the information we provide them. Additional information can be found on the district website.