Thailand sign language

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How are the treated in your country?

National asscotion of deaf in Thailand est in 1984 and promotes rights for the deaf. And the right for counting education further.

How are they educated?

  • Ying Kamala Kraireuk, made the finger spelling alphabet
  • Setsathien school, 1953. school of the deaf- First school for the deaf est in 1954. Offers help to deaf and heard of hearing students k-12.

The two founders of this school were educated from Gallaudet.

Ratchasuda college- school for deaf and disabilities est in 1984.

Most common form of communication

The national language of Thailand is Thai

But they have Thai sign language (TSL) or Modern Language Standard Login of Thailand (MSTLT) which is the national language of the deaf people in Thailand

What services are available

National ascoaction of Thai sign language interpreter (NATSI)

5 signs

Nice to meet you



Sign language


Do the deaf have more than one kind of sign language

There is just TSL
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