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Night Entertainment in cities of Spain!

In Barcelona, the party last all night long. You can do dancing and have such a great time with your friends!

Ibiza's nights are unforgettable, which is why thousands of people flock to the island every year. The party lasts all night long but still wont seem long enough. You'll meet loads of new people looking for a fun time, you might even run into some celebrities who come to Ibiza to enjoy the atmosphere of it's pavement cafes and discos.

Spain's Culture


The Visigothic Kingdom left a sense of a united Christian Hispania that was going to be welded in the Reconquista. Muslim influences were strong during the Middle Ages. The Spanish language derives directly from Vulgar Latin and has minor influences from pre-Roman languages (Iberian and Celtic) and other languages such as Gothic and Andalusian Arabic. Another influence was the minority Jewish population in some cities. After the defeat of the Muslims during the Christian Reconquista ("Reconquest") period between 718 and 1492, Spain became an almost entirely Roman Catholic country.

Nature Attractions in Spain

  • Magic cauldron: Over 2 million years old, this caldera has a diameter of around 10km. Located in the Tenerife province, a visit to this cauldron is well worth a day trip to La Palma aka Isla Bonita.
  • On top of it all: At 3,718 meters tall, Mount Teinde dominates the skyline on Tenerife. The national park which surrounds Spain's highest mountain is a great hiking destination.