We missed you on June 25th!

Join us June 28th from 11 am - 12 pm

Successfully Selling HUD Homes - Webinar

We see that you signed up for our live class on June 25th, but you did not attend. We know your all extremely busy but we hope you can attend this convenient follow-up Webinar.

  • Do you have questions about selling HUD Homes?
  • Do you find the process frustrating?
  • Unsure of what fees HUD will pay?
  • Want to know what happens when damages occur after you get into Escrow?
  • Do you know all the benefits that buying a HUD Homes has for your buyers?
  • Did you know that the buyers now get to pick their own Escrow company?
  • Did you know that all HUD Homes have a 30 day owner occupant priority bidding period?

We will have the answer to these questions and so many more!