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INFORMATION ... Updates from the district

*School Updates - May 4 - As you know, the Governor is starting his Phase 1 opening of the state. What does that mean from the district...we will be opening up the building A LITTLE more starting May 4. A little means no more than 25% occupancy per day. Team leaders will work on a plan to allow people to start entering the building on Monday with more details to come. If you have a pressing need to get in the building next week, please let your team leader know by Monday. Otherwise, we will create a schedule to allow folks in at random time over the next 2 weeks. The following week, May 17, they are planning on opening to 50% as long as Phase 2 of Governors plan goes into action. Stay tuned!!!!

*Math Coach - We have hired Kelly Moore, teacher at Kaufman Elementary, to join us next year as our math coach.

*T-TESS - As we move forward, Kara and I will be finishing T-TESS for those of you who had a formal observation. We will schedule Zoom one on one conferences with those of you. If you have not had a formal observation but should have, we will reach out to you and explain what will happen but it's not worries.

*Moves - I am working with Kara and Rachel at looking at openings and making shifts. We have gained 2 overage teachers from other campuses for next year. One will fill our open Kinder spot and one will fill an opening in second grade. We still have a fourth grade math and a second grade position available. If either of these interest you and you haven't reached out to me, please make sure and email me by Friday. I'm ready to move forward in filling these positions.

*Next year - We are currently working on a map, master schedule, etc... for next school year as well as all the hiring. We hope to have everything ready to launch May 11. I am going to ask you, without causing more stress, I hope, to be patient and understanding. We are adding PK full day next year which is challenging for space and specials. I might be reaching out to a few of you about moving rooms in order to make it all work in the best possible way. I know this is not always comfortable, but it is something we have to do. Thanks for understanding ahead of time.


Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Kara and I are working on creative ways that we can honor you!

We invite you to a "drive through" lunch on Friday of next week. We will be there serving a lunch for you provided by PTO.


As you all know, we announced Teacher of the Year as Felix Rodriguez and Humanitarian of the Year as Marina.

MY APOLOGIES TO OUR RISING STAR as this one has not been announced yet. With that said, we want to congratulate and announce DENA GREEN as our RISING STAR for this year. Dena has continually stepped up and stepped out in working with the fourth grade team, as well as others. As of late, she and her family even stepped up and took time to "update" the garden. A huge undertaking. Please join me in congratulating Dena for this accomplishment.

All three will be recognized and honored on a Facebook live next Tuesday. Hopefully many of you will join us on the Live broadcast to honor these three!


Remember the grading guidelines each week is 1 grade per subject per week. These can be found at the link below:



Team leaders will resume meeting next Monday at 11:00.

PLC (CTT) on Tuesday per schedule.

Wednesday is planning per schedule.


We will have a faculty meeting for ALL staff (paras included) on Monday, May 11 at 2:00 p.m. I will include the Zoom link next week in Owl Notes. Just want you to be prepared!



30 - Kim Dooley and Tami Miller


8 - Samantha Hier

11 - Rachel Miller

15 - Chanda Hernandez

26 - Erin Ryan

27 - Jeanie Wyatt

30 - Marcy Marcum

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