Sandro Botticelli

By Irene Galatas

Botticelli's Life

*He was born in Florence, Italy, 1445

*Spent most of his life in Florence, Italy
*He was an apprentice to another artist
*For most of his life he was financially put together

*He made painting and drawings
*His patron was the Medici Family


*Made in 1490
*Today, it is located in Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany
*This is a very proportional, realistic panting of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary
*I find this piece very interesting because it is the first realistic version of the Lamentation (expression of grief or sorrow) that I have seen that is very emotional and beautiful at the same time.
*This work exemplifies the realism of the Renaissance because it shows the "human" bodies as they would be in real life.

His Other works