Donate your old, worn, stinky shoes and help save lives!

Shoe drive during the month of July

Are your closets full of unwanted, worn out shoes? WE WANT THEM! Let us help you clean out your closet and take those yucky shoes off your hands! We will come get them and YOU will be helping sex/human trafficking victims all over the world!!! I Will Stand, International is collecting shoes in an effort to raise money to build our United States Invisible Village, rescuing and restoring battered women from domestic violence and the sex trafficking industry. In addition, your donations will help provide jobs and shoes for the underprivileged in Africa. Will you be a part of the solution?

We are I Will Stand, International

Rescuing, restoring, equipping, and empowering vulnerable women and children around the world who are victims of human trafficking and domestic violence is the mission and purpose of I Will Stand International. We are accomplishing this through our Invisible Village here in America, Ubuhungiro Village in Rwanda, Africa, STAND Conferences, and our localized Women Standing Together connect groups.