James Van Horn

A Tribute to Detroits Favorite Entertainer

Due to thousands of requests, the shirts are back

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Spreadshirt seems to have the best deal at $12/per shirt (there may be shipping). Nobody is looking to make money, just get the shirts to those who want them at the lowest possible price.




OFFICIAL Fundraiser for James with 94.7 WCSX TUESDAY!!!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2pm

300 East Adams Street

Detroit, MI


Please help raise funds for Jimmy's funeral. Ken Calvert & 94.7 has been kind enough to help organize an "official" effort to offer a proper service. Please join Ken and WCSX at the Elwood before Tuesday's game at Comerica. Thanks to Ken and 94.7.

James, we're all going to miss you.

Mike & I had the great pleasure of spending some wonderful times with James. We are deeply saddened by the news of last night's tragic incident. Our thoughts are with those who are close to James. We will celebrate the special friendship we had with Jimmy and will always cherish the very special bond that the three of us had.

I hope those who enjoyed James and his love of baseball will find a special way to honor his memory.

We will miss him very, very much.

-Nick Johnston

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James Van Horn Background

James Van Horne's journey has been celebrated on t-shirts, web sites, Social networks, and major media news outlets.

To name a few: The Guardian UK, NPR, Detroit Free Press, ABCNews.com, Detroit News, Toledo Free Press, and several other outlets.

So, I'm maintaining this page to save his press articles (before they vanish) and so his story is available for those who visit the park.

Here's a few links (one is even from today). My favorite is Quinn Kleinfelter's NPR Radio Interview from 2006 (SEE BELOW).

If you want to see how much he's out there, just do a simple Google search for the "eat em up tigers guy."


Detroit News: Cast of Comerica characters gives ballpark its own special flavor

NPR: Tigers' Unofficial Cheerleader a Local Celebrity

If anyone can find the Guardian UK article from mid-late 2006, you'll be Jimmy's hero

Eat 'Em Up Tigers
Eat em up Tigers

Facebook groups

A few pages are devoted to Jim on Facebook:

Contact Information

P: 248.701.1661