Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1756-1791 Madeleine Greene

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Mozart's Early Life

Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart was a musical child prodigy. He played instruments such as the harpsichord and violin. At the age of five he composed his first minuet. At the age of six, he performed at the Viennese royal court. His older sister Maria Anna, also called Nannerl was also a talented musician. When Wolfgang was between the age of seven and ten, he and Nannerl toured Europe to play for royalty such as kings, queens, and emperors. When Mozart was nine he wrote his first symphony. Mozart's father, Leopold was an Austrian musician. Leopold had so much pride in his son and gave most of his money to Mozart's musical education and career. By age fourteen he had written a lot of music called sonatas. He was blooming to become one of the greatest composers in history.
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This is a map of Mozart's home country, Austria in 1795. Only four years after Mozart died in 1791. He was born in Salzburg, Austria and like other famous composer Antonio Vivaldi, he died in Vienna, Austria. He lived in Austria for his short life when he wasn't busy touring Europe in his early years with his dad and sister. Mozart died December 5, 1791 at the age of thirty five. Leading up to his death he was very weak and sick. He persisted with his music, still composing and playing. He believed he was poisoned by a rival composer by the name of Antonio Salieri. Near the time of his death, he was commissioned to write the Requiem, ironically a mass for the dead. He died before he finished it, but his wife Constanze Weber needed the money. She enlisted some of Mozart's students and friends to help finish it and pass it on as her late husband's. Mozart's friend Franz Xaver Süssmayr finished it and gave it to Constanze who got the money and gave it to the client. Even though we know it wasn't Mozart's work, we still accept it.
W. A. Mozart Symphony no. 1 in E flat Major - Molto Allegro

Symphony No.1

Symphony No. 1 was Mozart's first symphony. He wrote it at the age of nine. His father scolded him for it being too childish. He composed this in 1765. This sky rocketed his career and because of his young age, people knew there would be more to come. He performed for so many adoring people, but was not paid a lot. He had always had financial problems and died almost penniless. Over time, he wrote more than 600 pieces. Symphony No.1 was his first, and Requiem was his last.

Other Music

Mozart wrote so much music it's hard to keep track of them all. Some of his well known pieces include...

-Jupiter, also known as Symphony No. 41


-His 12 variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

-Don Giovanni

-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

and so much more.

Mozart's Legacy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was much more than just a composer, he was a creator and a prodigy. He may have died but the love for his music has not. Like any great composer, his music is still recognizable to today's generation. His music will be forever remembered and so will he. His legacy is still carried out in Austria by Mozartkugel, earlier known as the Mozartbonbon. The Mozartkugel is an Austrian chocolate ball named for the great composer himself. He was a great pioneer of the Classical Music era and will be forever known.

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