Always Take Care Of Your PCs

So you've signed a new Preferred Customer... NOW WHAT?!

While there is serious money to be made in this business by building a monster team of rockstars, don't forget that Preferred Customers are your bread and butter. Especially during the first few months! You make a 15% commission (once you've hit EC, 10% before) on your Preferred Customer sales vs. a 5% commission on your team's sales.

Without these products, our business wouldn't have a leg to stand on. It doesn't matter how many active Consultants are out there if no one is buying. You feel me? So let's treat our customers right! This page contains my PC best practices. I hope you find this helpful, though don't ever feel that you have to do exactly what I'm doing, exactly how I'm doing it - this is YOUR business. Create a system that works for you!


THANK YOU/WECOME EMAIL (Timeline: Within first 24-48 hours)

There's no right or wrong magic paragraph to send, but you definitely want to acknowledge their purchase and your gratitude. If you've set up the account for them, be sure to include their login information should they want to access the account themselves. CLICK HERE to see the email I personally send to my new PCs, or CLICK HERE for an example that can be found on the C&C site.

FIRST FOLLOW UP (Timeline: One week after they order)

This can be an email or text depending on your existing relationship and comfort level. Start it off by confirming the date their products were delivered ("I see that your package arrived on Tuesday. Awesome!") or will be delivered ("I pulled up the tracking info for your order, and your products should arrive on Tuesday. Get excited!"). To find tracking information, log on to your account in Pulse, go to the "ORDERS" tab, the select "(view order)". A screen should pop up that looks like this:

Big image
The orange tracking number is a link that will open a new window and provide you with the estimated/actual delivery date. If for some reason the link isn't working correctly (I've run into this from time to time...), you can always go to the FedEx Tracking Site and enter the info there, as well.

Other information that should be included in this follow up:

  • The importance of reading the regimen brochure and individual product instructions.
  • Any PRODUCT OVERVIEW OR DEMO VIDEO you feel may be helpful.
  • Another reminder to come to you with ANY questions or problems. Most people experience a transition period when using new products - this is completely normal!

SECOND FOLLOW UP (Timeline: One month after they order)

By now, they should have been using their new products for approximately 3 weeks. Even though that's not enough time for them to see the results they want, it is enough time for them to start going through an unwelcome - yet totally normal! - transition period. Try to stay in front of any problems before they start! Here is my sample language (italicized) for this second follow up:

Hi Melissa,

I wanted to drop a quick note and see how you are doing on UNBLEMISH so far? Hopefully you're experiencing some positive changes with your skin, but as you're well aware, acne is a tough nut to crack. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns - I'm here to help!



THIRD FOLLOW UP (Timeline: One week before their next replenishment order)

Corporate automatically sends a reminder email 5 days before a PC's next scheduled replenishment order is set to process but I'm a firm believer they should hear it from you, first! This first one is especially important, as you're also checking in on their progress, too! Don't be afraid to suggest add-ons - especially if they've already hinted at an eye cream or adding a tool, etc. - and don't be discouraged if they push back their first autoship. Not everyone washes their face twice a day as recommended, and some people tend to make the products last longer than others! Here is my sample language (italicized) for this third follow up:

Hi Melissa!

Your optional Rodan + Fields replenishment order is set to process a week from today on Wednesday, February 10th. If you’re low on anything, or want to incorporate something new, now is the time to edit your cart! You can also postpone your order all together. Whatever you decide to do, simply log onto your account from my website and click on "My Account”, then select either “Edit Order” or "Change My PC Perks Status” to delay by 30 or 60 days - your choice! Please confirm, update your cart or push back your order by 11:00pm PST on Tuesday, February 9th.

The Micro-dermabrasion Paste from our ENHANCEMENTS line is a great add-on for UNBLEMISH users. Incorporate it into your regimen 2-3 times per week in place of the Sulfur Wash for a little extra exfoliation. Let me know if you want me to send you some more information or you can read up on it HERE.



(HERE is some additional sample language that can be found on the C&C site.)

THANK YOU CARD/GIFT (Timeline: After their initial 60 days has expired)

A lot of people in this business would say this step is out of order; most send a hand written thank you note and small gift (optional) within the first week or two after enrolling a new Preferred Customer. Here's why I wait: while a PC can cancel at any time, if someone is dissatisfied for whatever reason and/or they are not willing to work through their transition period with you in the first 60 days, they usually lean toward canceling their account vs. pushing their cart and/or trying a different approach products wise. That means you've spent time and money on thanking them for business you'll never see again - ain't nobody got time for that. Depending on how big their initial purchase was, I've sent gifts ranging from a $5 Starbucks giftcard or a mini facial ($100 or less) to a product from the ESSENTIALS line (regimen only) to Eye Cream (bundle packs).



As I mentioned above, the first time your customer is hearing about their upcoming order should NOT be from Corporate. These people are trusting you with their skin, repay them with a little of your time! On the 21st of every month, I log onto Pulse and go to the "PERFORMANCE" page. From here, select "Autoship PC Perks", then click on the "PC Perks Date" column to sort by date. Create reminders (one week in advance) for all orders set to process the following month, and then you don't have to think about it again for another month! I use my phone calendar, but a wall calendar will work, too. Here's what my phone usually looks like:

Big image
Big image
Use the same sample language as above to construct these reminder emails! Once they've gone through the process once or twice, feel free to loosen up the language. I like to throw in a "you know the drill" or "it's that time again!" so it doesn't come across as too boiler plate/boring.


I like to send a small "thank you" after every 4 processed orders. It may sound excessive (and expensive!), but when you break it down, it's not. If your PC does not push back a single shipment it will take them 7 months to process 4 orders; I'm not trying to break the bank here, people. Again, these gifts range in price depending on how much my PC has spent, and it's also a great way to introduce your PCs to new products they can include in their upcoming order! The Lip Shield ($6 Consultant pricing) or a week's supply of Lip Serum ($4.76 Consultant pricing) have been very successful for me. Use your discretion!

As if all of this isn't enough, read this AWESOME POST on the C&C Site from LV Leader Kristin Kuhlow. Kristin is a PC QUEEN. I love her hustle, and I love these notes she put together from the training session she hosted at the 2016 C&C Retreat!

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.



Cori Vallembois

You are in this business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself.