WWI Propaganda

Hailey Lockard

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Lending Money

The countries that were at war also had a lot of debt that needed to be paid. They asked their community to provide money to them and in reward we would defeat the Germans, which is exactly everyone wanted. They would ask their citizens to pay bonds in order for them to finance the war. The technique used in this poster would be plain folks. They're saying if we give them our money then we can trust them to takw down the germans.
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Killing is Okay!

Armies were trying to persuade people that it was a good thing to be killing all of the people because it was for their country. They used these posters to promote the idea. The technique used in this poster is band wagon because its trying to persuade the people that the way they think is the right way.
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Women and Production

Women also played a huge role during WW1. Without women in factories no weapons would have been produced. Not all women wanted to work, so posters were made to tell women why they were working. This technique is plain folks because the propagandists are using this to persuade/ convince women they're working for a real reason.
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Red Cross

This is another poster from WW1 relating to the women envolvement during the war. If it wasnt for the red crossl, and all the women nursing the warriors back to health, then our death total would have been more increased by a ton. This technique is band wagon becuse they're trying to persuade the women to come into duty in the red cross.
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Join the Army

Armies would post posters around the area trying to get more people to enlist in their army. This was an example of propagada because they were persuading people (young men) to join their country's battle. The technique used in this poster is glittering generality because porpagandists are appealing to love of the country to persuade the people to enlist.
Home Front 3 the changing role of women