To Life

By Ruth Minsky Sender

All Riva wanted to be was free. When the Germans started to loose the war she found herself alone in her concentration camp alone without guards or the dogs. She took this as her chance. She is a Jew and is hated almost everywhere but she will not give up until she is free. Her journey takes her all across Germany and Poland searching for her lost loved ones. It all seems hopeless until she meets Moshiek, another Jew survivor and they get married. it gives her new hope and when she hears from her sister for the first time in seven years and she becomes even more confident.

As her and her family fall back together and she gives birth to a baby boy named Libal it all seems well. But when they find some of Moshiek's family in America they become determined to get to them. Follow Riva on her dangerous journey to freedom and a new life. Will she avoid all of those you still hate Jews? Will her child survive the treacherous times? Find out in To Life.


1. Israel was one of the only places that accepted Jews and was close by Germany.

2. Trains and Trucks were used to smuggle Jews to safety across borders.

3. People left their names in churches so if loved ones got to the church they would know that the person survived.

I didn't like the book very much because its not my type. I would recommend it to somebody who likes autobiography's of historical people or if you like a little adventure in your stories.

3 out of 5