How Can We Make Mississauga


Ways to make Mississauga Sustainable:

  1. First, The way they manage the garbage. Household Garbage to the landfill sites and is simply buried in the ground. This process pollutes the environment in several ways:

  • Landfill produces methane gas which is a greenhouse gas.
  • Materials that are send to the landfill that could be recycled or reused is a waste of natural resources.

Water usage:

  1. Second, The water usage. People wash their car in front of their garage and a lot of people uses soap or car wash products and all of them has chemical liquid in it. These liquids goes under ground and goes inside rivers. Then the fishes get contaminated the shore of the lakes gets dirty with green fluid floating on the water. We also use too much water. Way to reduce all those problems are:

  • Try to use car wash products with less chemical substances in it and also use a bucket of water so that you don't waste water
  • Take more showers and less baths. Also, take less time to wash up.
  • Close the tap water while brushing your teeth.

Air pollution:

  1. Lastly, air pollution. Lots of people are lazy, They like to take their car to drive to the shops or stores that is located 5 mins from their house. Cars makes a lot of smoke and make a lot of air pollution. Ways to reduce air pollution are:
  • If you live close to your school, try walking or biking instead of going by car or transit bus.
  • Try to walk to the shop to buy stuff instead of driving there in car.
  • Don't make a fire camp in your back yard everyday.