Criminal Profiler

By: Nolan Dolecki

Job description

As a Criminal Profiler, your job is to assist law enforcement in capturing the suspect. You use your knowledge/experience in criminal psychology and behavioral analysis to make an accurate profile of the suspect. You also analyze crime scenes to further get an understanding of the suspect. With both of these factors, you can determine what the suspects next decision will be.

Educational requirements

A college degree is not necessarily needed for this job, but a degree in psychology, criminal justice, or behavioral analysis increases your chances of getting a job in this field. The FBI also requires 3 years or more of being a field agent before being eligible for this job.


Famous case

Known as the "Mad Bomber" in 1940-1946,George Metesky was found and captured in part due to the accurate behavioral analysis that psychiatrist James Brussel gave the police. His description of Metesky gave the police an accurate profile for him, and when captured, Metesky confessed to the crime. The profile he was given included that he was unmarried, in his 50's, living in CT, and had a vendetta against Con Edison( a power company).