Lights! Cameras! Action!

Our Goal--Purchase Cameras for Auditorium

Never Miss A Concert

West High is raising money to purchase video and audio recording equipment for Arganbright Auditorium. We want to be able to showcase all of the amazing things students do on the West High stage. Whenever possible we will use the equipment to record and live stream student performances so they can be instantly enjoyed by a wider audience. When copyright issues prevent this, we will record the events so students and parents can have personal copies of the performances.

Cameras Bring ACTION

Fixed cameras along with broadcasting equipment will allow West High to broadcast all concerts live! Grandparents, out-of-town friends and family will be able to join you with a great seat at the concert. In addition, concerts will be archived and viewable at the touch of a button on your computer, tablet or even your phone. This will be great for sharing at family events and during the holidays. Elementary and junior high students will also benefit, as we will be able to record and share their performances.

Hands-On Learning

Students will benefit both in front of and behind the cameras. A team of student volunteers will assist during the productions. In doing so, students will learn valuable television production skills as they participate in the production of the show. Students will learn the technical aspects of live and recorded video production, including how to make and add titles, how to record and playback edited promotions and how to switch shots during live broadcasts.


Donate to the West High Camera Fund! Our goal is to completely outfit the auditorium for easy and instant video productions. At a minimum, we need 250 people to donate $100. Please invest in West High students as they showcase their talents for years to come.

Roll the Credits

Unless otherwise indicated, donors will be acknowledged in the credits of each West High product for years to come. Select one of the giving options below or give at your comfort level.

$50–Key Grip

$100–Camera operator



How to Donate

Send your checks to:

West High Camera Campaign

c/o ICCSD Foundation

1725 N. Dodge St., Iowa City, Iowa 52245

Make checks payable to the ICCSD Foundation


Go to and donate online.