Who Was DB Cooper

Who is DB Cooper

DB Cooper was a man who hijacked a plane traveling from Portland to Seattle and mysteriouly parachuted in to the night. Even though many people belive that he died, but he burried money up in northern Washington. After he hijacked he asked for $200,000 and to be flown to Mexico and the plane could not store enough fuel so they agreed on Reno and jumped out of the plane. To this day it remains the only succesful hijacking on United States of America.


The most common theory is that when he hopped out of the plane that he died. There have been many suspects that have been said. There was about 900 suspects in the case and none of them turned out to be DB Cooper. There have been a few stick out cases. The most known one was Kenneth Christian. His brother after watching a documentary thought that his late brother. The only reason that he is not DB their dna samples did not match.

The most likely reason

The most likely possibility is that while diving he fell to his death after he jumped out of the plane. The sleatlh planes that were following the plane did not see a pharachute open makeing him see like he fell to his death.