Whats up in Mount Olympus

BY: Alyssa K, Ben S, and Ben O

NEWS: Up in the clouds

Today is a VERY special day! We are meeting with PANDORA! The Greek goddess! She was gifted with all the gifts from the Greek gods/goddess! Those are very special talents. Now here the story and interview with her!

Interview with PANDORA!

REPORTER: Today we have a very special guest today with us we have Pandora the goddess of curiosity!

PANDORA: Hi! Great to be here

REPORTER: So Pandora tell us about yourself!

PANDORA: Well as you know I am the goddess of curiosity! I also have one gift from each other the gods!

REPORTER: WOW! Ok so as we know your father is Zeus! How do you like having a father of such great power?

PANDORA: To be honest not very much! I like living in Mount Olympus but my father is away a lot.

REPORTER: Yeah he's probably very busy! What is your favorite part of being a goddess?

PANDORA: I think my favorite part is probably everyday learning how to do new things with my talents!

REPORTER: I bet that's great! What do you do for fun in Mount Olympus?

PANDORA: Well we usually have to work a lot because we help with all of the earth! But I do like talking with the other gods/goddess.

REPORTER:What is your regular day like?

PANDORA: Well I do have to work on my talents A LOT! But we do have time for fun we play games and such depending on how much time there is!

REPORTER: Well I heard that there are all your talents in a box can you explain the story of the box to us?

PANDORA: Of corse! Well when I was created out of clay at first my father Zeus told all the gods/goddess to put a talent in a box and when I came alive he told me to never open this box it contains all my talents. Well one of them was curiosity so I decided to open the box all the talents sprints came out and I caught most but not all!

REPORTER: WOW! Well i bet you love having many talents and not just one!

PANDORA: Yes i do I love having many talents because I love finding out everything I have!

PANDORA: No problem thanks for having me!

REPORTER: Your welcome well we'll see ya next time on what's up in Mount Olympus

Compare and Contrast

There both famous
they both are girls
one is a goddess
one lives on earth one on mount olympus


Pandora's symbol is her box! Her box contains all her talents that's why she was demanded never to open it and because of her curiosity she opened it.


Well Zues created a girl out of clay and then brought her to life! This girls name was Pandora. Before she was brought to life Zues demanded every god/goddess to put one talent for a Pandora in a small box. When she was brought to life she had great beauty and much curiosity! Zues smiled but he also said ," you must never open his box it contains all of your talents." Said said ok. when everybody left her curiosity got the best of her and she opened it. everything escaped even though she tried to get them all.