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Poetry Strategies and Figurative Language

What is Figurative Language?

  1. Figurative language is language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. When a writer uses literal language, he or she is simply stating the facts as they are. We sometimes call figurative language literary devices too!

Figurative Language in Popular Music

W.I.K. = Words I Know Strategy

What is the W.I.K. Strategy?

Students pull out and write the important keywords they actually know - line by line from each line of the poem.

Why should a student try this strategy?

Most students get hung up on the words they do not know, while they read a poem, which doesn't aid in the comprehension of tricky poetry! Poetry is hard enough to read with all of the tricky figurative language and deciphering the literal from the figurative.

The GIST of the W.I.K. Strategy?

By pulling out the important words they know, a student can more easily understand the gist of a poem without being confused by fancy language and words that they do not understand or words never have seen before by the student.

How should a student use the W.I.K. Strategy?

Students should read each line carefully and only write important words they know beside each line of the poem.

Once they have gone through each and every line, the student should read the words he/she has written besides each line of the poem.

Reading the "Words I Know' gives students an idea of what the poem is actually about, without any confusing new vocabulary he/she might not know.

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