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The next step in your university career begins with Leg Up: An Introduction to Health Across the Lifespan – Western’s first pre-university online course. As an entrant to the School of Health Studies, you are invited to join Leg Up and begin your successful start to university.

What is Leg Up?

Leg Up is a free, six-week online course (beginning June 13) designed to give you a glimpse into the topics covered throughout your four years in the School of Health Studies. Faculty members, along with current and past students have curated the content for this course such that it mimics the content you will see in your university coursework later on.
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Why participate in Leg Up?

What can you expect from Leg Up?

Week 1: An Introduction to Health (opens June 13, 2016)

This week will explore the social and personal determinants of health and why they are so important for any topic – health related or seemingly otherwise. You will also get the chance to critically evaluate different definitions of health and discover why fluctuations in definitions are relevant.

Week 2: Childhood and Adolescent Health (opens June 20, 2016)

In this week you will be contributing to the dialogue on various “hot topics” in childhood and adolescent health, such as the immunization debate and the childhood obesity epidemic.

Week 3: University Student Health (opens June 27, 2016)

This week will explore a topic that is going to be useful in its application to your day-to-day life as a university student. You will get the chance to investigate some issues related to post-secondary student health as well as learn some healthy student habits that you can soon practice in your university years.

Week 4: Adult Health and Health Occupations (opens July 4, 2016)

This week will have your answers to the question: what can I do with my Health Science degree? You will get to explore various health occupations as well as discover some current “hot topics” on the Canadian health care system.

Week 5: Late Adult Health (opens July 11, 2016)

In the second last week you will have the chance to look at aging through the perspective of both an aging adult and a health care worker. Concepts like healthy aging will be covered, and some common myths about aging will also be debunked.

Week 6: Future of Health Care (opens July 18, 2016)

The final week of Leg Up will take a glimpse into the future of our health care system. Electronic medical records, health apps, and improved accessibility to health care are just a couple topics that will be covered.

Can't start Leg Up when it opens?

That’s OK! Leg Up will open week by week and remain open until classes begin in September. You can take as much time as you need sifting through the weeks’ content.

Gain University Skills in Leg Up!

In each week of the course, you will also be able to practice skills related to university life in the University Toolkit. For example, you will gain experience writing at the university level and get meaningful feedback that you can later apply to writing assignments in your courses!

There is also a separate section dedicated to Health Science-specific information in the Health Studies Dashboard, such as the differences between degree types (major or specialization?) and grade expectations in your first year.

You could win a prize by participating in Leg Up! The prize breakdown is explained here:

How to access Leg Up:

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  2. Enter your unique Western user ID (e.g. jsmit56) and password (e.g. N!cv9GHY)
  3. Read and accept the letter of information
  4. Begin the module!

Note: Leg Up content will become available on June 13, 2016.


Email the Leg Up team at legup@uwo.ca.