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July 18th-July 24th

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Week 8 of Summer Running

One more week and than we have another dead week from July 25th until the first day of practice on 8/1. We will go from 240-5pm and probable meeting will be at the school track. This is where we will meet and check-in before practice every day once schools starts. Keep running! We are about to kick it into high gear!

*Thursday's workout will be moved to Friday this week! Same time and meet at Duckett Creek!

I Survived Summer Running Tanks

Notify myself or MacKinna Leigh ASAP if you want one! They come in boys tanks as well with slightly different print on the back! $15 each.
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$35 XC Viking Sports Bras available!

Deadline to order is August 12th!
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Miss Meet the Coaches or didn't have paperwork?

Click on the Google Doc below...this is the Guide To Glory I passed out with season information including schedule.

Click Here to access the eligibility paperwork you need to turn in by July 28th!

*For those that do not have all paperwork turned in that night the deadline is July 28th at noon to guarantee participation on August 1st. Paper can be picked up in the Activities Office or at the meeting if needed. If a student-athlete is missing any signatures or pieces on August 1st they will not be able to participate in the first day of practice.

Regular Summer Running Schedule

Mondays & Thursdays Weekly (We are meeting Friday instead of Thursday this week at Duckett Creek same timeframe)

  • 630-815am
  • Meet at Busch Wildlife Lodge on Mondays and usually Duckett Creek on Thursdays.
  • Wear good running shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather!
  • Bring water, sunscreen, and a yoga mat (for stretching, core work, etc.)

Week 7's TIP: All Runners Need Yoga

Click Here to discover why we will be incorporating yoga into our training schedule for the season. Coach Deeken will also be providing some bonus meditation :)

Week 6's Tip: The Importance of a Stronger Core

Click Here to read about how a stronger core will enhance your running abilities. You can also learn 3 new core exercises to try during the dead week!


Click Here for some of the best pre-running foods to fuel your workout! Now some of you are used to certain foods in the morning and have routines! Everyone's body is different so if you know something is too heavy or not enough for you...listen to yourself! You know your body best!

Week 4's TIP: The Importance of Balance

Click Here to answer the question, "Is running really a two-legged activity"and to learn some great balance drills you can do at home (we will also start incorporating them during summer running and the regular season).

Week 3's Tip: Benefits of the Fartlek

Click here to learn what a fartlek is and how they are going to be important for your speedwork.

Week 2's Tip: Preventing Injury

Click here for the tip that will help you understand why we are building up your mileage and workouts slowly!

Week 1's TIP: Healthy Post Workout Snacks

Click here for a great list of simple and easy to create post workout snacks!