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Newsletter - November 1st, 2018

Number 6


Today we honor those holy men and women who have gone before us in faith and have done so in a glorious way. As we honor these great champions of faith, let’s reflect upon who they are and what role they continue to play in the life of the Church. The following excerpt is from Chapter 8 of My Catholic Faith!:

The Church Triumphant: Those who have gone before us and now share in the glories of Heaven, in the Beatific Vision, are not gone. Sure, we do not see them and we cannot necessarily hear them speak to us in the physical way they did while on Earth. But they are not gone at all. St. Thérèse of Lisieux said it best when she said, “I want to spend my Heaven doing good on Earth.”

The saints in Heaven are in full union with God and make up the Communion of Saints in Heaven, the Church Triumphant! What’s important to note, however, is that even though they are enjoying their eternal reward, they are still very much concerned about us.

The saints in Heaven are entrusted with the important task of intercession. Sure, God already knows all our needs and He could ask us to go directly to Him in our prayers. But the truth is that God wants to use the intercession, and therefore, the mediation of the saints in our lives. He uses them to bring our prayers to Him and, in return, to bring His grace to us. They become powerful intercessors for us and participators in God’s divine action in the world.

The saints also give us a model of holiness. The charity they lived on Earth lives on. The witness of their love and sacrifice was not just a one time act in history. Rather, charity is living and continues to have an effect for the good. Therefore, the charity and witness of the saints lives on and affects our lives. This charity in their lives creates a bond with us, a communion. It enables us to love them, admire them and want to follow their example. It is this, coupled with their continuing intercession, that establishes a powerful bond of love and union with us.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

All Saints and All Souls Days

Today we celebrated All Saints Day with Mass at 8 am and will celebrate All Souls Day tomorrow at 8 am Mass. I would ask that you have your child at the Church by 7:55am. Today there were 48 students who were late and did not get to attend the Mass. This figure is unacceptable. If you send your child to school it is important that you adhere to the rules of the school. It is difficult to penalize a child for being late. They do not have control over this, but you as the parent does.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences begin next Wednesday. By now you should have registered for a time. I would ask that you respect the time of the conference at 15 minutes. If further discussions need to continue then it will be necessary to plan for another meeting.

Please enter via the front door on Miller or by the cafeteria door on the upper yard.

New Asphalt Sealing

As you are aware by now, we have completed the sealing of the upper and the lower yards. The grounds look very nice now and it is advised that every five years we conduct sealing to maintain yard quality. The cost of this project was around $90,000. We are thankful that we had funds from the Bingo account and support from the Parish to cover this project.

New Phone System

We are in the midst of installing a new phone system for the school and for the parish. The school system should be up and running within a week. You will notice that the phone will ring four times before going to an auto attendant. I still wish for callers to reach a human voice before going to the auto attendant when at all possible.

Kindergarten Enrollment

We have begun Kindergarten enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have a child of Kindergarten age please contact the office for admissions procedures or read on the school web site. We are also asking all families to reach out to the community members and encourage them to enroll their child at All Souls.

God Bless,

Vincent Riener




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Box Tops for Education was started by General Mills in California back in 1996, after the company decided they wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools. All Souls has benefitted from this program over the years, receiving sports equipment, microscopes, and a variety of other educational items.

You can help by clipping the Box Tops off approved products you already have in your pantry. You don't need to clip the actual product UPC — just the Box Tops logo will do. From frozen foods to produce and household cleaning products, there are literally hundreds of opportunities to help, and each Box Top is worth 10 cents. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up fast.

There are so many participating companies! Participating companies and product lines include General Mills, Green Giant, Totino's, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Ziploc, Hefty, Juicy Juice, Betty Crocker and many more. For a full list of eligible items check the Box Tops for Education website at .

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2- All Souls Day - 8am Mass (Full School Uniform)

4- School Family Mass - 9am

5- Early Dismissal - 2:30pm - Faculty Meeting

7-8-9- 12:20pm Dismissal - Parent-Teacher Conferences

7- Athletic Board Meeting - 6:30pm

11- Veteran's Day

12- Veteran's Day Observance - Holiday

14- Principal's Awards Ceremony - 9am

16- Athletic Board Spaghetti Feed

19- Staff Dev. Mtg. - 12:20 Dismissal - Athl. Board Hot Dog Sale

20- School Board Mtg. - 6:30pm - Annex Meeting Room

21- 12:20 Dismissal - No Extended Care after school

Thanksgiving Prayer Service - 11:30am (Full School Uniform)

22-23- Thanksgiving Holiday

28- Baseball & Volleyball Awards - 6:30pm - Church Hall



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