An Adventure in Antarctica


An Adventure in Anarctica

Tired of being at home all the time,well come on down to Antarctica.Here are a couple of reasons to come to Antarctica.

If you go to Antarctica and you get bored just do some Ice Activities. You can go to the water and go ice fishing.You can go to a hill or mountain to go ice climbing.Also you can find a thick piece of ice and go ice skating.

If you love animals you can go to Antarctica and go Animal Watching.You can watch a mama penguin taking care of her eggs.You may see whales in the water coming up to the surface.And you may also see seabirds.

If you like Photography then you would like to come to Antarctica.You can take pictures of icebergs moving in the distance.You can also take pictures of the sun that never sets.Last but not least you can also take pictures of the changing lights.If you would like to learn more call 1-800-the artic or go to our website