Bio of Adolfo hitter

Leader of the German political nazi party

Early life

Was born into a German speaking Austrian house near lintz. He later moved to Germany in 1913. He was serviced in World War One for the NSDAP

Faught in World War One in the trenches and soon rose to politics of the German society

He aimed to created a new order and his ideas appealed to many and lots of Germans were convinced by his powerful words and he was able to move people .

Hitler used his power to rise to control the nazi party

He used his political persuasions to raise into power his ideas of communism appealed to many and his words were very powerful to the Germans

His ideas of a new order or to target a group for the problems of the past were easily persuaded by the German pople

His ideas of blaming Jews for past issues were not immediately an issues until one of the largest mass killings . The holocaust

His ideas were powerful and dangerous

His powerful speeches filled with emphasis and persuasion really worked to change the ideas of the Germans making them such a United strong nation of ideas