HIV/AIDS and Homosexual Men

Dangers and Causes

Specific Dangers for Homosexual Men

HIV/AIDS is contracted from infected bodily fluids. Sexual contact is one of the biggest ways to contract the virus. Anal sex is a very aggressive from of sex. Homosexual men mostly participate in anal sex, and often without a condom. Anal sex can cause alot of bleeding and tearing and if no condom is used it is very easy for both partners bodily fluids to mix. Homosexual men usually give the virus to there partners through semen or blood within the sexual acts they perform. Another reason homosexual men are at high risk for contracting the virus is because they tend to have multiple sexual partners. The more sexual partners you have the more likely you are to contract the virus.

Changes Over The years with Homosexuals Contracting HIV/AIDS

What Has Changed Over Time?

Homosexual men used to be less aware of the serious dangers of HIV/AIDS. They had multiple sexual partners which made risk even higher. Condoms were not used as often which made bodily fluids more likely to mix. Over the years people have also become more educated over the issue. They are less likely to sleep with multiple partners and not use any protection. Homosexual men can continue to reduce the risk of contracting the virus by following steps as simple as using protection, limiting sexual partners, and knowing their partner.