Friar Laurence

People should try to solve problems

Act 3 Scene 3

"O deadly sin! O rude unthankfulness! Thy fault our law cells death... rushed aside law... this is dear mercy, and thou sees it not" (Page 2)

Friar Laurence is talking to Romeo about his banishment.

Romeo is over thinking everything and Friar Laurence is trying to calm him down.

Act 5, Scene 1

"A greater power then we can contradict hath thwarted our intents come, come away... come, ill dispose of thee among a sisterhood of holy men" (Page 7)

Romeo is speaking to Juliet about the current events and now, to escape

Friar Laurence tells Juliet to leave so she can escape to a sisterhood of nurses

Act 2, Scene 3

"For doting, not for loving, pupil mine" (Page 3)

Friar Laurence is speaking to Romeo of love

Romeo did not listen and was scolded by Friar Laurence because Romeo was obsessing over Rosaline but not loving her

Act 2, Scene 3

"In one respect i'll thy assistant be; for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households' rancor to pure love" (Page 1031)

This shows the theme, people should try to solve problems, because Friar Laurence tries to solve the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets by performing the ceremony for Romeo and Juliets wedding