(Paul) Thomas Mann

Cody Pearson

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Er ist Thomas Mann. Vaters name ist Thomas Johann Heinrich Mann. Mütters name ist Julia née da Silva-Bruhns. Geboren am 6. Juni 1875 in Lübeck, Deutschland und gestorben am 12. August 1955 in Zürich, die Schweiz. Er ist Deutscher Romanautor.

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In 1898 Mann published his first short which was also his first book published. Shortly after in 1901 he published his first novel called Buddenbrooks. Years after in 1929 Mann won a Nobel Prize for his novel The Magic Mountain. Then in 1933 He wrote The Tales of Jacob which became his best-selling book. Finally, a few years before Mann's death he wrote an essay on Leo Tolstoy and Perpetual realism.

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