Winter Is Here!

The Winter Season

Dear Parents,

Through out the school year we have been learning about the different seasons. Over the last few months we have been learning about the season of fall. We learned about apples, pumpkins, and the leaves changing colors. It's no longer fall anymore. Winter is here! We continue to learn about the different seasons as we are transitioning from fall to the season of winter. Over the next few months we will be learning about the season of winter and the changes that happen.

Your children are outside in the weather, they see the changes of the seasons. Learning about the different seasons is relevant in your child's life because they are experiencing the changes themselves while learning about it in the classroom too. We will learn about the season of winter by exploring what happens to the weather, how we adjust to it, what certain animals do, and lastly what trees and plants do during the winter season.

Moose in the winter time, is the first animal we will be learning about. Moose live in Montana, your children might be familiar with this animal and maybe have seen one before. Moose are such big animals and are very interesting in the way they were made to live in the cold weather. We will explore how big moose are, their antlers, how their fur is made to keep them warm, and their hooves. I look forward to exploring all about Moose with your children. Fun activities and learning to come as we start our adventure of learning all about the winter season.

- Miss Deglow

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