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May 20th, 2022

Happy Spring Harvest!

This week, we celebrated all of the hard work we have put into our school garden this year with a Garden Harvest Party! Our students got to come through five different stations where they experienced so many special parts of the garden. The first station was a tour of the garden with Dr. Rogers so that the students could see how much their summer crops have already grown. Students also got to spend some time weeding, planting, and watering the garden beds. Station 2 and Station 3 were taste testing stations where students had to rank their favorite fruits and vegetables and vote on their all-time favorites. The food was completely raw so students could describe what they were smelling, tasting, and feeling for each fruit and vegetable. Station 4 was all about the snacks! We prepared fruits and veggies in different ways for students to see how delicious fruits and veggies can be with just a few additions like peanut butter, ranch, and even Nutella! The final station was a creation station, where students got to put together whatever they wanted for their own special treat using the fruits and veggies from our garden. Thank you to all of our teachers and staff members who made this event possible, and thank you to all of our students for being open-minded farmers!
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Welcome, Parents!

On Wednesday, we held our final parent support meeting of the school year to connect with our families and see what we can do to increase parent involvement in our school community. We also planned for what we want to accomplish next year in our parent support group. Thank you to all of our families who came out for the fun, food, music, and planning! If you are interested in joining the Parent Support Group next school year, please email or
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Missouri Botanical Gardens

This week was all about the great outdoors as our students played in our own garden and some of our students even got to experience the Missouri Botanical Gardens right here in St. Louis! Ms. Versen, Ms. Teska, and Ms. Jami's students went to the Botanical Gardens on Thursday and toured the gorgeous blooms that are taking place in one of the most beautiful gardens in the country. Their trip inspired all of us to plant more flowers and different types of plants in our own garden!
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Book Fair!

Thank you, HomeWorks!

HomeWorks brought us hundreds of books this week that we were able to share with our students to take home with them over the summer. It was a special event and our students were so proud of their selections!
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Last Week of School Events

Monday, May 23rd: Whole School Field Trip to the Zoo

Make sure you're on time on Monday, May 23rd so that we can leave with all of our students in tow for the WHOLE SCHOOL field trip to the St. Louis Zoo! We cannot wait to celebrate your child's academic success with our field trip fun!

Tuesday, May 24th: Field Day

The afternoon of Tuesday, May 24th, all grades and classrooms will participate in a series of physical feats that will leave everyone feeling good and fit! Make sure you are on time and on your best behavior so you get to participate! Also, remember that all students will be in their personalized tie-dyed tshirts!

Wednesday, May 25th: 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Join us online or in person for our 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony from 9:00am to 10:30am. All students will be recognized for their excellent achievements over the course of their elementary years, and all students are welcome to bring family members to the gym. Doors will open for the event starting at 8:45am.

Thursday, May 26th: Awards Ceremony for PreK-4th Grade

All family members are welcome to join us ONLINE ONLY for our PreK-4th grade Awards Ceremony event. Every student will receive recognition and we will all be able to watch the magic unfold on Microsoft Teams from 9:00am to 10:30am.

Thursday, May 26th is our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Let's end this year with a great celebration of everyone's hard work!

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