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What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is an online presentation program incorporating the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, but adding real-time collaboration and sharing options that make it a great classroom tool.

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

  • Take collaboration to a whole new level!

    • Create presentations and share them with your students or colleagues, choosing whether they can edit, just comment on it, or only view it.

    • Students can create presentations individually, collaborate with classmates on a presentation in real-time, and/or share them with you for review.

    • Eliminate compatibility frustrations caused by differences in software programs and devices. Everyone can use Google Slides.

    • Access from any internet-capable device any time.

    • Ensure all collaborators are doing their part by referencing the revision history of the presentation.

  • Make presentation creation more efficient with built-in tools for adding images, videos, content from the web, etc.

    • Automatically links content to source url for attribution and aids in citing sources

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Things to Read and Watch

Follow the link below to the Google Apps Learning Center to learn all the basics of Google Slides.
How to make beautiful presentations | Slides | The Apps Show
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Embedded Video Options in Google Slides

Follow the link below for a great article on some recent updates to embedded videos in Google Slides, including:

  • Embedding videos from Google Drive
  • Choose where to start and end the embedded video
  • Autoplay the video
  • Mute the video

Google Slides for eLearning Day Lessons

If you're using Google Slides to build your lesson for an eLearning day, you might find the Google Slides eLearning Lesson Template helpful. Follow the link and make a copy to get started building your lesson.

Templates | Slides | The Apps Show
Google Share Settings
View and edit your files offline
How to Use the Explore Feature in Google Slides
APP SMASH! G.A.F.E. and Mystery Skype
Using advanced Slides features | Slides | The Apps Show

Learn by Doing


  • Use Google Slides with your students and/or colleagues.
  • Be sure to incorporate some features that are unique to Google Slides (like sharing and the research tool).

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