By: Heather Eales

Timeline on Ancient China

Contributions to Today

China had a lot of inventions that we use today. They are the sundial, the seismograph, and acupuncture.

Some of the leaders

The leaders were the Shang Dynasty, Chou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, and the Han Dynasty.

Education System of Ancient China

During the Shang and Chou times, if you were a boy, you were what your father was. You only were something else if you joined the military. If you were a girl, you stayed home and learned how to be a mother and wife. In the Han times, schools were free for boys. If you were a girl you weren't allowed to go to school.
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Ancient China Literature

Ancient China had many different beliefs in how the world came to be. One of the beliefs was that we, and everything else, came from a guy named Pan Gu. When he died all of his body parts became something of nature that we have today, and his lice and fleas are mankind.
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