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Welcome to my Fashion 101 Blog

I am a Family and Consumer Sciences educator and a thrifty fashionista in my mid-twenties bringing you the latest in fashion history and it's influence on current trends, as well as, tips and tricks for sewing construction, sketching and design, interior design, and fashion advertising! I will have a new edition of the blog to send out each week. Please give feedback at the bottom of the page so that I can continue to deliver the information you want to hear!

Fashion Fad Throwback

Many times fashion fads of previous decades make a comeback! Currently, I notice lots of stores selling "joggers" which are inspired by the MC Hammer pants of the 1980s. Check out the video below!
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

Interior Design

With interior design, people are able to show off their personal style not only expressed through their clothing but also through their home decor! Which of the below styles reflect your personality most?

Sketching and Design

When I get an idea for a new outfit, I get out my sketch pad and begin the design process. I begin with a croque that I use as an outline to build my ideas upon. Make sure to do a sketch of both the front and back of your outfit to show all of the details.
Big image

How-To of the Week

Every week there will be a tutorial to show how to create a project with sewing construction skills. I am beginning with an introductory video to show how to successfully thread a needle and tie a knot.
How to Thread a Needle

Advertise to Sell

We buy the items we do mostly because of how they are advertised! Here is some advice for advertising your products:

- Create a catchy slogan

- Use endorsements

- Comparison to a similiar product

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