The King of the Gods

By Brian Ngo


Zeus is the God of the Sky his weapon he used the Lighting bolt in battles and in wars to battle his opponents.Zeus was the son of Cronus the titan and his mother was Rhea.Zeus was the youngest siblings of his two brothers Poseidon and Hades Poseidon was the god of the seas and Hades is the god of the underworld.Zeus also had a sister and her name was Hera she was the god of women and marriage.Zeus fell in love with her sister and and they married each other.Zeus is not proven to be real but people believe that he is Zeus is a myth and some people don't believe in him.Zeus was known as Jupiter.Zeus was the captain of the gods or he would be known as the king of the Gods.Zeus symbol is the Thunderbolt.Zeus protected Olympus he was known for being the Gods of the skies. People think that Zeus is the strongest God he ruled Olympus and no one could ever know if he exist.