Kylee Spearman, Jessica Skipper, Cade Carr

Country Basics

Name Of The Country: Afghanistan

Capital Of The Country: Kabul

Colors of the flag: Black Green and red


People in Afghanistan wear bazzars and wool coats. They also listen to folk and traditional music. One of the main holidays are Mawild. There religion is Islan. And they read for fun. And the color of their flag is green, black, red.


In Afghanistan they have cold winters and hot summers. There average yearly rainfall is 327 inches a year. The average yearly temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot summers and cold winters make them have a food and water shortage.
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In 1838-42 British forces invade Afghanistan.

In 1979 soviet army invades Afghanistan

Compare & Contrast

Afghanistan U.S.A

1. There government is Ismalic republic. 1. Our government is democracy.

2. They wear bazzars. 2. We wear sweatpants, te- shirts, shorts.

3. There religion is Islan. 3. Our religion is Christan.

4. There holiday is Mawild. 4. Our holiday is Christmas.


There life is expectancy is 50.87 years. The birth rate is 38.57. There main import/export is gems, fruits, nuts, wool, cotton, carpet. People 15 years can read and right.


Countries that surround it are Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajakistan, India, Kashmer. Major landforms are Hindu Kush mountain stretch. Major landmarks are Ai Khanum, A major body of water is the Kabul river. To adjust to the environment is to make roads and build houses.