Lily Burlington

By Katherine Retzer


Lily Burlington is the closest thing to perfect you can come up with. A great group of friends- Evan, Paris, & Luna. On the Cross Country and basketball team. She's athletic, kind, sweet, beautiful, incredibly intelligent. Just, she does have her flaws. In San Francisco, you can't have flaws if you want to make it to the red carpet. But, she's moving. Away from Evan, Paris, Luna, her family, her life, everything she has ever known was in California. But, her father's got a surprise up his sleeve. Follow Lily Burlington on the ride of her life.


This book is copyrighted completely to Katherine Retzer. She owns the book, and everything included. You must quote, cite, and give credit to the author if using for school work (never will happen), a project, or anything else.

To: Ellie & Marina,

my best friends who helped

inspire this tale.

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Lily of the Valley By Katherine Retzer

Chapter 1

As I walked into these halls, I saw all the weird and quirky banners and posters for clubs and parties for example, "Join the history club, where we can travel through times through reading!" said one, most clubs were weird, but you would want to see what it is! Wave high, the best school around. Private of course, only the best children who are talented can join. Just then while I was staring blankly at all of the weird posters, my best friend Evan came up.

"Evan what are you doing here?! I-I was looking at these posters!" I said nervously.

"Lily, come on. I know you. You want to go and see what they are don't you?" Evan said, teasingly. I could see the look in his eye, the way he looks at someone, or something when he wants to know something, but it's not really any of his business. Besides, does it really matter if I want to talk to someone, or see what something is? Even if it is a weird club or organization, its not a big deal.

"Yes, I am. But is it any of your business?" I willingly said. Of course, we've known each other forever, so it's hard to keep a secret from him. Well, lets get this straight, I don't like him, well I do but as a friend! I used to in middle school. But I'm in high school now! I don't have time to think about any of that, mushy-gushy stuff, with love and romance, but I have to get good grades, get into a good acting college, and then I will be set to become the next Julia Roberts. I can just see it! I can just see that lights, cameras, the paparazzi, the adoring and wonderful fans, everything that I have ever imagined. I bet you can tell by now, I want to be an actress. Not one of those improv actresses, but a real actress! One that goes on the red carpet, does Broadway shows, in movies, everything! By now, I was staring at his huge eyes, ones that could pull you into a romance with just one glance.

"...Earth to Lily? Lily? Where are you? What's going on? Are you imagining yourself again being famous and all? You realize that that is such a tiny little chance for any of that to happen right?"

"Yes, uh.. Yea totally. But still, can't a girl dream?"

"Yea, but we'll cross that bridge of fame when we get there."