February/March PAWS PD

New Prospect Personalized Professional Development Catalog


Our Professional Learning Committee is proud to present opportunities for you to receive short, personalized professional development this year on various topics and on various days after school. The best part is that our own talented Panther Staff will be sharing their skills and expertise with you! Our goal is to provide you with PD opportunities that relate to our school improvement plan, are meaningful, personalized and can be easily used in your classroom.

Many incentives will be available this year for participation in sessions. Example incentives include, early leave passes, class coverage so you can plan or take a break, & classroom funds. Don't forget to get your rewards card signed at each event!

We hope you will attend!

Jan Butler, Ashley Miller, Erin Streck & Heather Welch

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Classroom Management

Wednesday, March 8th, 2:45pm

Ms. Zarzour's 4th grade classroom

Come by Ms. Zarzour’s room on Feb. 22nd for a PAWS PD session with Mrs. Alterman and Ms. Zarzour on classroom management! We will be covering lots of great information on…

- New ways to use Class DOJO

- How DOJO can set goals for the class and students

- How to incorporate PBIS House Points into your daily routine

- Transitions in the classroom

- Calls to attention

- Some Whole Brain Teaching starting tips

- BOY Tips and Tricks

- How to include your upper grade student council rep.

- Tips on noise levels/ volume levels

- The best management tips we have received that have been successful

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Thursday, March 16th, 2:45pm

Collab Room

A classflow representative will show you how the free ClassFlow software could accommodate and enhance your 1 to 1 initiative in the county.

You will love how easy it is to collect data and personalize learning with our cloud-based software!

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Redbird Math - Looking at and Using Data

Monday, Feb. 27th, 2:45pm

Collab Room

Robyn from Redbird will instruct how to look at and utilize data from the program Redbird. Your students should be using Redbird frequently during the week. Looking at student data will help you differentiate and better meet your students' needs.

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