"Some friends fade away... Others disappear."

Plot Summary

Best friends Chris and Win have the summer all planned out. They're going to bike from coast to coast.They're going to see the country, and camp out every single night.
But things don't happen out that way. Only Chris makes it to the Pacific. Somewhere in Montana, Win took off on his own and Chris was just mad enough at his best friend to let him do that. He assumed Win went to Seattle as planned. Now it seems as that didn't happen. Nobody has heard from Win in several weeks, and Chris was the last one to see him alive, which makes him seem suspicious. As the search continues, Chris begins to realize that Win simply doesn't want to be found.

Character Analysis of Chris.

Chris is Win's best friend. Chris comes from a family living in West Virginia struggling to make it. Chris Collins is his real name. He is more of a curios person that asks a lot of questions and thinks about things more then others. Chris's conflict was that his bike had a flat tire. His best friend Win, leaves Chris stranded and Chris never sees Win again. Chris finally makes it home and then FBI contacts him wanting to know what he knows about what happened Win.

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I like this book because it makes you wonder what happens to them, then after you find out it shows how they have changed over time. I think it is a good mystery anybody could and enjoy.

Author biography

Jennifer Bradbury (author of this book) is a former English teacher. she lives in Burlington, Washington with her family. She grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky.