Somalians Immigrants to Minnesota

By: Maddi

Push Factors

Push: Somalia was entangled in cold weather and many climate, natural disasters such as famine, floods, and droughts which forced many Somalians to refugee to somewhere with less disasters. They were coming from refugee camps from the war that was taking place.

Pull Factors

Pull: Having a better living environment for their children and for raising a better family, they won't be starving or having to deal with being in a refugee camp. Many different jobs that they would choose from that don't require much English language.

Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

Where Somalians live and work in Minnesota.

Commonly found areas with Somalians.

Most Somalians live in Minneapolis, Rochester, Owatanna, and other Suburban areas in Minnesota where large amounts of people or found.

Common Jobs Somalians apply for.

Somalians apply for jobs that require very little English. They work in many providing businesses and services. Any jobs that the country will let them apply for. It would help a lot if you knew a lot of English.

Current challenges for Somalian people.

Being in a brand new country, you'll get weird looks and being judged for your culture, appearance, language, geography, and other commonalities.