Ionic Thrusters

Generate Efficient Propulsion in Air

Ionic Power Maybe Better

  • With two electrodes (one smaller) it creates a wind in the air between them when voltage is applied.
  • With enough voltage is applied, the resulting wind can produce a thrust without the help of motors or fuel.


Electrohydrodynamic thrust or ionic wind (developed in the 1960s)

Some scientist say that it would require a lot of electricity to be powered


110n per kilowatt-for ionic engines

2n per kilowatt- for jet engines

"Steven Barrett, an assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, envisions that ionic wind may be used as a propulsion system for small, lightweight aircraft. In addition to their relatively high efficiency, ionic thrusters are silent, and invisible in infrared, as they give off no heat -- ideal traits, he says, for a surveillance vehicle."


There are three parts:

emitter-thin copper electrode

collector-thick tube of aluminum

an air gap between

When voltage is applied many electrons are taken away, and the new molecules are repelled by a wire, but is attracted to the collector. These new molecule collide with the air, pushing them making the wind/thrust.

The high velocity jet engine leave wasted kinetic energy


Needs lots of voltage

Needs large air gap



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