Prospector Theater helps disabled.

Opens up jobs for the disabled people to work.

Valerie Jensen

Ms. Jensen came accros this idea when she passed the old theater and figured out they where planing to take it down. She spoke to the owner and asked if she could buy it and they let her have it. She has been interested in helping disabled people ever since her little sister was born, who also has a disablity. Ms. Jensen thought why just help my sister when i can help a lot of disabled people?
The Mission of The Prospector Theater

About them

This organization opens up an oprotunity for disabled people to have a job. They want the unemployment rate to decrease and give these people a job, not just for the unemployment rate but to give them something to do so they feel like they belong. Even with there disabilities they find them a task to do in the theater wether its being the usher, or a popcorn maker they have something to do.

Things I learned from reading

I learned that no matter what you can and cant do there will always be something for you to do wether you fit in or not. I also learned that many people with disabilities can do many things that people without disabilities can do, it just takes a lot of hard work and pacients. The theater opend up a place to people with disabilites to make them fit it and step out of there comfort zone a little bit. If you just encourage them to try they might succed.

What can you do to help?

You can go check out their page ( You can also follow them on social media. Twitter: @ProspectorCT Subcribe to their Youtube account: Prospector Theater and lastly follow them on Facebook: @the prospector theater. Also if you would like make a small donation to them.