Dress Codes

Likes and dislikes by Dani Lenz

Dress codes I respect and follow

No tank tops, no crop tops,and no short shorts.

I think these codes were established because showing to much skin is inappropriate and can be a distraction.

I don't think these codes are going to change.

Dress codes I disagree with

I think we should be able to wear off the shoulder or one shoulder shirts, jeans with holes, and hats.

I dislike that showing your shoulder and holes above your knee is "inappropriate". I think these rules were established because wearing hats is a safety issue. I think the shirt and jeans rules were established because they were considered a distraction to others. I think some rules might change in the future.

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Non used codes

See through leggings, shirts with cutout back, and short rompers. I think these codes should be enforced more because girl are wearing these inappropriate pieces of clothing more and more and they are getting away with it.