Thomas Jefferson


Do you know about Thomas Jefferson? He is a very important man to know about. He wrote the Declaration of Independents. He helped build the university of Virginia.And he loved to read and wright.

First, Thomas was born on April 2nd 1743 in Virginia.He wrote the Declaration of Independence.It took 17 days to wright it.Everyone including Thomas agreed to sign it. all of that took 17 days.

second,when Thomas was older he helped build the University of Virginia. He married Martha whales skelton. they had six girls and two sons.he was a very smart man.

Third,He loved to read and wright.He went to collage to become a wrighter.Jefferson studied mega hard.He was an extreamlly smart man.Everything was important to him.

To sum up my thoughts, He was the 3rd president.He wrote the declaration of independence,help plan and build the university of vrginia and loved to read and wright.All the things he did were very important.