By Charlotte Williams

Buddhist teaching of Anatta

Anatta is the Buddhist teaching that there is no permanent, eternal, unchanging, or autonomous "self" inhabiting "our" bodies or living "our" lives.The Buddha taught that the sense of being a permanent, autonomous self is an illusion. This does not fit our ordinary experience. Am I not me? If not, who is reading this poster right now?

Do I agree or disagree with Anatta?

I think that the principle of Anatta is very logic and It makes sense that we are changing constantly and are never the same person. On the other hand I think that the rule about how there is never a 'self' or a person in general is true, this is because if there is no such think as a person then who are the people that we walk past constantly and have conversations with? Although I agree with some of the Anatta teaching I think that it is quite hard for someone to suddenly change the idea of the way that there is no such thing as 'self'.

First Image

In this picture I was very small and rather plump. I had very short and thin hair that was black. I also had very dark brown eyes that weren't very big. I wore white outfit with a little hat. I wasn't very smiley and I was in bed.

Second Image

In this image I am bigger, but less plump than before. I had lighter eyes that where a little bigger. My hair was short, curly and dark blonde, and I had clipped it back. I was wearing a pink dress with a blue cardigan over it instead of white. In this one I am much more smiley!