John And Lugenia Hope

By Kyle Ejomarie and Jay Limbasia

Birth And Death Dates

John Hope lived from June 2,1868 to February 22,1936

Lugenia Hope lived from February 19,1871 to August 14,1947

Early Life/Education/Motivations (John Hope)

John Hope was an African American educator and leader of the early 20th century. As a race leader, John was steadfast on the support of public education, adequate housing, healthcare, job opportunities, and recreational facilities for blacks in Atlanta and across the nation. (John Hope married Lugenia in 1897)

Early Life/Education/Motivations (Lugenia Hope)

She was an early 20th century social activist, reformer, and community organizer. She spent most of her career in Atlanta. She worked as much as possible for black communities to traditional social network

Famous Speeches/Books/Publications/Job Titles (John Hope)

First black president of Morehouse College. John Hope was also a teacher before being a president of the College.

Famous Speeches/Books/Publications/Job Titles (Lugenia Hope)

She was the leader of the neighborhood union of 1908.

Major Contributions To GA (John Hope)

He embraced Civil Rights organizations, including W.E.B. Du Bois's Niagara Movement.

Major Contributions To GA (Lugenia Hope)

She spent most of her career improving black communities.

Last Impact On GA (John Hope)

Despite difficulties, John was influential for development of African American education.

Last Impact On GA (Lugenia Hope)

She fought for commission on Interracial Cooperation She also formed the neighborhood union that helped her a lot.