Chronicles of Vladimir Tod



Ever since Vlad's teacher disappeared his new teacher has been very interested in Vlad. The teacher assigns an essay on mythical creatures. Lucky for Vlad he was given the topic of vampire. After Vlad completes this essay, Vlad discovers his teacher is his uncle. To top it off Elysia (vampire society) is hunting for Vlad to kill him for his father's crimes.


Boy vs. Man
Half vampire teen vs. Vampire King
Vlad is the teenage vampire boy and EL D'ablo is the ruler of Elysia.
Elysia is the name of vampire mankind.


Vlad's Aunt Nelly is kidnapped by El D'ablo. Otis (Vlad's Uncle) helps Vlad save her by trading Vlad for Nelly and eventually coming back to save Vlad before El D'ablo could put his hands on him. Of course El D'ablo expected this so he stopped their great escape. Then as El D'ablo's body guards hold Otis back, Vlad has to fight against El D'ablo, who is six times his size. Vlad becomes stronger and learns how to use his father's cylinder and kills El D'ablo. Since El D'ablo is deafeated he will no longer be president of Elysia. Therefore vampire mankind will re-elect a better president.
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Vlad to the school belfry to mourn about his parents death. He doesn't like showing his emotions around Nelly. He uses his floating ability to get to the top.