Comstock Update


Reader's Workshop

Today the children worked with a partner to check for understanding as they read. Their focus was on what happened to the character on each page. The children read the story Olivia.

I introduced "past tense" verbs today. The children know to add an "ed" to the end of an action word to make it past tense.

Our spelling for the week is "ar".

Writer's Workshop

The class continued to work on writing information about each of their sub-topics or chapters of their non-fiction book.


Today we worked on "regrouping" when adding two digit to one digit numbers. For example the children had to decided if 27+5 needed to be regrouped. In this case, the children would have to regroup the ones to make a ten and then they would have two left over. Please review the "regrouping" pages that come home.

Tonight's Table Talk

1. Ask your child to regroup this math problem 36+7=.

2. Ask your child who had the craziest outfit today in class.

Diaroma Pictures