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Period 6

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Roman Catholic : 85%____Muslim : 8%____Protestant : 2%____Jewish: 1%____Other: 4%

Food, Sports and Holidays

The French love cheese! Camembert, Roquefort, Brie, Morbier and Comte are just a few. They areusually served after the main course, but before desert. Chocolate souffle is one of the most delicious deserts that France has to offer. The chocolate crust has a soft creamy chocolate filling that will make your mouth water. Soupe alapos is a famous French soup made out of onions and and beef. It dates back to the 18th century. Everybody in France loves to drink French Wine. People in France drink French Wine with their meal almost all the time! Some of the most popular sports in France include football ( Americans call it soccer), tennis, handball, rugby union, cycling and basketball. The French celebrate New Years Day, All Saints Day, Christmas Day, and the 2nd day of Christmas.

Fun Facts!

French is known as "the language of love" world wide. These are some words you should learn. "Bonjour (Bon-joor) " means hi. "Au revoir (Au-re-voa) " mean bye. Saying no is easy, "non"  is very simple to say. "Oui (Oo-we)" means yes. France has a republic, where representatives represent the people. The currancy is the Euros. One Euro = .74 Dollars.


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