The Eyes are for Sight

5 Senses Project

What are eyes and how do we use them?

Well the eyes are what you use to see everything around you like your friends, your family, and to see if a food is far past its date. Some of the Basics for eyes are that there are lenses that help you see and without one can make it hard to see. To use your eyes you just open your eyelids and you pretty much use them as much as your hands, feet, ears, and nose. You need to use your eyes to do good in school, see friends, and not bump into what may be a brick wall.


Yes there are indeed eye problems where it ends up in the result in you having to wear those nerdy (for some people) and scary glasses to see. The most common way now a days are being on a device for WAY too long. There is also a common disease called cataracts that occur when you, of course, look at a screen of a device for way too long for several periods of time and can be treated using medical treatment. Also It's just a disease where your vision becomes blurry. There are also inherited eye problems which you wear glasses even as a kinder-gardener! But always remember just to have 1-2 hours of devices and not to look directly at the sun!

The Main Eye Disease

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Why was this made?

It was made for our 5 Senses Project where we all are doing a project and I'm just 1/5 of the project.